Upper Body Express

April 21, 2020

Upper Body Express
28 minutes
One medium set and one heavy set of dumbbells

✅This Is a Tabata workout

20 seconds on/10 seconds off for two exercises, times four rounds.
Take 60 seconds rest between each round.


Tabata Set 1

Exercise 1: Bicep curl, side raise
Exercise 2: Bench dips (floor dips)

Tabata Set 2

Overhead press
Shoulder rotations

Tabata Set 3

Back Flys

shoulder shrugs

Tabata Set 4

lying tricep extensions

lying vertical press with bridge

Tabata Set 5

chest flys

Pull overs

*Perform 20 seconds of exercise one. Take 10 seconds rest. Perform 20 seconds of exercise number two, take 10 seconds rest. repeat for a total of four times

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